Swallow with Peony by Ohara Koson,1900 – 1930(Rijksmuseum)

Natural Beats

It happens when I’m waiting at a station platform and the robin sings high on the post, when walking slowly through sloping farmland to the beach and now, even when I’m running…  I’m talking about hearing the sounds of the natural world which recently I’ve been loving more than ever.

No more headphones

Running-expert aunty told me about the safety issue with wearing headphones which is a good point as has Frédéric on numerous occasions, but I first went headphone free when I downgraded my mobile phone and lost the playlists I had on my previous one.  As so often happens with little annoyances, there was a blessing in disguise…

What is now making me run (well, jog…) headphone free is the realisation that I want to listen to nature’s rhythms and tunes.  We are part of nature too, and there is a time for our man-made music, but for me that’s no longer when I’m running.

We live in quite an urban area, but I am learning to tune out the motors and sirens.  The more we focus on the jungle-sound of pigeons, the cuckoo, the screeches of paraqueets and the many tweeting, tinkling little birds the more audible their music becomes.  Even sitting here writing and thinking about this, by the patio doors, the birdsong in outside has become plentiful and clear.

Falling in love

Maybe this is all about refinding the child within (a process that can happen as we grow up if we choose!).  That child was more connected with the earth before modern life’s complexities got in the way.  She used to play alone at the back of the garden, enchanted by the wonders of the natural world.  Soaking them up.

More on this will follow soon, when I write about nature exploding in our cities and flowers in concrete jungles.  Now to look out for those swallows…