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On March: Beautiful writing for cold days

The grumpy month? A friend and ex-colleague of mine recently commented on how people seemed to be irritable in March.  She had noticed this to be the case from looking at Facebook status updates from that month over successive years. … Continue Reading →

From Serge Gainsbourg to Kurt Cobain: More music for Friday (just!)

There is a connection Chatting in the kitchen this evening, we went from the French singer Serge Gainsbourg to Kurt Cobain.  I don’t know Gainsbourg well, but was intrigued after watching a documentary about him a couple of years back. … Continue Reading →

Walking through woods and searching for fungi in Burgundy. It’s enchanting!

Why a post about mushrooms and toadstools? It was one of those moments where one idea lead to another.  Earlier in the week I came across the art challenge #artsydoodlesmarch hosted by @myartsybujo.   The drawing idea for March 5 was… Continue Reading →

Friday is for Learning Language through Music: Victor Jara (Chile)

A feature for Fridays One thought led to another the other day, beginning with when I wrote about using lyrics to practise speaking skills. Next my thoughts led to another blogging idea. Why not start featuring blog posts on music I… Continue Reading →

How to improve your speaking skills in another language and enjoy it!

Let’s talk! Maybe you love speaking with your friends, but are anxious about speaking in another language…  Here are some of my favourite ways to increase your confidence and become more proficient in this skill. Preparing to interact… Repeat, Copy… Continue Reading →

La Merengada at Vilanova i la Geltrú

Not long ago, I wrote about ‘La Fête de l’Ours’ in the French Pyrenees.  Now I’m looking at the other side of those mountains and all the way to the Province of Barcelona, Spain. Strange transformations… Whilst writing about men… Continue Reading →

Fun and Creative ways to develop your writing skills in another language:  Part 2 – Longer Texts

You have probably read my Part 1 post on developing your writing skills, where we kept things short and sweet.  Here in Part 2, I have some suggestions on interesting ways to extend your writing and further develop the range,… Continue Reading →

Creative and fun ways to develop writing skills in another language! Part 1: Short Texts

So many of us have such busy days, so let’s be realistic. There are times when short and sweet is best. It is this kind of brief yet diverse text that we will focus on in this post. Before we… Continue Reading →

Bouguereau, a French Pre-Raphaelite?

So much about language learning is culture, and I’m in the mood for a cultural post this evening.  This time, we will focus on the French painter Bouguereau (born in La Rochelle in 1825, and died in 1905), who I… Continue Reading →

La Fête de L’Ours

Festival of the Bear:  Where and Why? ‘La Fête de l’Ours’ is one of my favourite festivals in France, though I have only ever been there as a sofa-traveller!  This festival has also been loved by several of my favourite… Continue Reading →

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