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How to enjoy a long bus journey: Dover to Auxerre

The good thing about public transport, as an eco-warrior told me on the delayed train home last night, is that not only is it better for the planet, but you can just chill.  This is exactly what we strive to… Continue Reading →

Walking through woods and searching for fungi in Burgundy. It’s enchanting!

Why a post about mushrooms and toadstools? It was one of those moments where one idea lead to another.  Earlier in the week I came across the art challenge #artsydoodlesmarch hosted by @myartsybujo.   The drawing idea for March 5 was… Continue Reading →

Bouguereau, a French Pre-Raphaelite?

So much about language learning is culture, and I’m in the mood for a cultural post this evening.  This time, we will focus on the French painter Bouguereau (born in La Rochelle in 1825, and died in 1905), who I… Continue Reading →

La Fête de L’Ours

Festival of the Bear:  Where and Why? ‘La Fête de l’Ours’ is one of my favourite festivals in France, though I have only ever been there as a sofa-traveller!  This festival has also been loved by several of my favourite… Continue Reading →

The ‘Château-Fort’ of Guédelon

At the top of my list of places to visit next time in France, is Guédelon in the Yonne. I last visited this reconstruction of a 13th Century Château fort (or Fortress Castle), in 2009 and it has much progressed… Continue Reading →

Everyone loves a baby panda! (Well, almost…)

A New Panda! I have been known as “Amanda Panda”.  My son once whispered theatrically to his teacher that this was my name…  She found it hilarious.  However, I’m actually blogging about these bears because there is a baby giant… Continue Reading →

La Toussaint

Halloween in France Around this time of the year in France, people don’t talk much about things that go bump in the night. Neither do they dress up much dressing up and eat pumpkin. They still don’t really celebrate Halloween… Continue Reading →

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