So what is this blog about?


Stuck on Cabbage Island… (more on that later)

A person who loves words:  I share my experiences of language learning, including tips I pick up along the way.  You will also find reflections on language in its many forms, whether fiction, poetry, persuasive writing or the lyrics of my favourite songwriters.

A teacher and learner: Read my friendly teaching tips.  I will not tell you that there’s a wrong way or a right way.  All teachers are different, as are learners, as are times of the day etc. etc…  However, by reading these pages you might just find the help you need to get through teaching those tough classes (and even enjoy it sometimes!) or to inspire you in your one-to-one tuition.

A (new) artist:  Around nine months ago, my daughter said “You might like to have a go with my pastels.”.  “Why not?”…   I had always loved art, but did not continue with it at school.  I had told myself that I couldn’t do it and that it was not for me.  Yet, my daughter’s words were just the push I needed!  After several nights drawing temples (first thing that appealed) I became hooked.  You can pick up the pencils, paintbrushes or pastels too if you haven’t already!  It might not be easy, but open up your heart and your drawings will have soul.


Strawberry (oil pastel drawing) by Amanda Tamsin

Part of a family:  There are no chronicles of my family life, but there might be a little reference to this.

Self-expressive:  This is good for us.  Putting thoughts into words helps me to think clearly, to know myself better and to know where I’m going.

Random mysteries and joys

These are often relating to language and art, but topics are eclectic.  They are sometimes predictable, such as music on a Friday or they might be unexpected, such as a sudden liking for the Japanese concept of cute “kawaii”.

What I don’t want to ignore

There are times when things need to be said, and I hope that there is enough positivity in this blog to help us deal with the trickier topics.  As the philosopher Edmund Burke said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”.  Chances are that my voice will be miniscule, but as they say “many snowflakes make an avalanche”.


I don’t want to ignore this either.  A stressful job?  Difficult people?  Feeling a slave to society?  Life can be tough.  You will find sharings and reflections on what could help the mind, body and soul.  I am not an expert, just a person trying to pick up good habits.  Favourites on this theme are enjoying the natural world, meditation, getting back into yoga, work/life balance and sleep.


The best bit?  This blog is for contact, whether with those I know or those I don’t, that is to say family, friends and (kind) strangers.  It is a way of keeping in touch with those I cannot be close to geographically, for one reason or another.  Sharing is wonderful.  Maybe some of my posts could help you, but I’m keen to learn from you readers.  Learning is limited if we only listen to our own voices.  So I look forward to your comments with your ideas, inspiration and reflections.

Why ‘Tales from Cabbage Island’?

Much inspiration for this blog comes from my current home, which happens to be in a fertile region known affectionately as ‘Cabbage Island’.  Cabbages are often thought of as mundane vegetables, yet when you really look at them there is beauty.  If you cut one in half, you will see contrasting colours and amazing patterns.  Life can seem a bit dull on ‘Cabbage Island’ too, but appearances can be deceptive…


Other business:  Please note that, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means that if you click on an Amazon product link for Amazon via one of my blog articles, and you then buy the product (usually a book), there is a chance that I may earn a percentage from the sale.  I only include links to products that I have bought or borrowed myself, and truly value.  Any income through this means goes to helping with the running costs of this blog.