At work yesterday, two of us were scrabbling through the bowl looking for ginger nuts, described by one colleague as “the ultimate dunking biscuits”, or in second place, garibaldi.  Another colleague commented that this is what teaching does to you.  All a bit tongue in cheek now though, because work at the English language school is good.  I was working on my birthday, yet not complaining.  Here, we can get on with what we’re there for, that is to say teaching (as opposed to box-ticking along with other ‘window-dressing’, paperwork or crowd control).

When I used to work in state secondary education it was a different story.  During my time in that harmful situation I kept a journal (if rather inconsistently) and named it ‘Cakes and Misery’.  When entering any staff room cakes were in abundance.  Yet the comfort food did not make up for the pervading feeling of misery.  In fact, I’ve never known a workplace in which so many cakes are eaten and so many tears are shed.

Apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been particularly busy at the school recently, as well as with my tutoring and with duties as a mother.  Life can still be tough. Yet, I’m feeling grateful to have seen the light and to be doing what I enjoy, at least most of the time.  Misery has lessened greatly, but in fact, I haven’t given up the cakes (yet).  Here’s a spectacular one baked by a friend, Sandra.  Delicious it was too.


Chocolate cake made by Sandra