For the full moon on Thursday, I attended an inspiring Red Tent event. Its theme was ‘Secrets of Manifestation’, a big topic for another post perhaps. We discussed how when we cannot yet have what we want, we find a way to experience the feeling that we will have when we do have what we want, thereby raising our vibration as such. Note the positivity! Well, this morning I was feeling more than a little frustrated and sad that the choice about going to the People’s March in London was taken out of my hands.


Mum’s knitting


How could I replicate that feeling of being at the march, or even replicate the outcomes of the action to some degree? I had wanted to participate not just to express myself, but to be part of and support a social cause I strongly believe in. At the present moment, writing and pictures are my way. Then sharing, sharing and more sharing. I tend not to get too political on this blog, but today is different. Today, my soul says ‘Do it!’. Later I’m going to mould clay with my son. Maybe there’s scope there too… As we also learnt on Thursday evening, it is intent that matters. We talk of being somewhere in spirit. In the past, that has sounded a bit miserable to me. But spirit does matter. In essence, it’s still about standing up and being counted. Even when some ignore.

BBC (notice how I choose to remove the definite article) and Sky News may downplay the march, filming a grassy lawn instead of people. They say there are thousands when even before the 1pm start, there were hundreds of thousands… Yet I know that enough people are there to make a point to those willing to listen… As they were too on the wonderful day that we attended the second march in London (estimate 100,000 in attendance). We were lucky to have been there to experience the beat of the drums and good vibes. One of the best days and a reminder of the good in humanity… Friendly, warm and peaceful people. Theresa, Jeremy and the BBC will look away again, but others might not.

By the way, ‘un manif’ is a protest in French and ‘manifester’ is to protest.


Hats worn on last protest

Counting my Stars

Talking of full moons… I saw a shooting star on the night of the Super Blood Wolf Moon back in January. A good omen, so my mum said. And as Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs says ‘Howl often!’