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Fun at the Gallery

For the Inner Child…  For the soul. A week or so ago, with my inner child in mind, I visited one of my local galleries, The Turner Contemporary.  I’m blessed to live near arty Margate.  I could also say that… Continue Reading →

Summer Solstice

Warming blue light and fantastically rich birdsong flooded in, as Fred opened the front door at dawn.  ‘Pas mal’ he said (not bad), on looking at the sky…  I’m blessed to have a husband who has ideas like this…  Getting… Continue Reading →

Inner Critics

A couple of weeks back I identified an inner critic… For the purposes of this post, her name is L and she has a rainbow assortment of My Little Ponies… Let me explain… In writing… If you’ve recently read my… Continue Reading →

The Foxglove Tree – a new turning

Something made me take a new path as I walked home from work…  I’d gone past the way into the park many times before, glancing at it.  I’m not sure why I hadn’t taken it. After emerging from the cool… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 4: ‘The Process of Breathing In’

This last definition of inspiration is interesting. I believe it to be essential and I’m taking it literally and figuratively. I’ll begin with the literal… Inhale and Exhale… For several years, I’ve been aware that focusing on breathing slowly and… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 3: ‘A Sudden Clever Idea’

How ideas are born will be the focus of this third post on the topic of Inspiration. See Inspiration 1 and Inspiration 2 to read about its beginnings, along with environments that nurture it. Born in the dark In myth,… Continue Reading →

Self-Expression, Manifestation and Counting My Stars

Manifesting For the full moon on Thursday, I attended an inspiring Red Tent event. Its theme was ‘Secrets of Manifestation’, a big topic for another post perhaps. We discussed how when we cannot yet have what we want, we find… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 2: ‘A person or thing that inspires other people’

We might feel that we can only be inspired in or by certain environments. Perhaps we want ‘perfect’ conditions to create our art. Yet, inspiration is everywhere. Even in hard times we find inspiration. This is when we make do… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 1: ‘The process of being filled with a feeling or the urge to do something’

Often we think that we know a word, but are we looking at its every facet? A colleague encourages students to consider how it makes them feel and to go with this to work out its meaning. His is a… Continue Reading →

Getting the most out of your language tutorials

Language tutorials usually last for around an hour, yet how can you extend the learning that takes place? I’m going to share my own advice on this, along with what I’ve learnt from my students. Before the tutorial Find out… Continue Reading →

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