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Self-Expression, Manifestation and Counting My Stars

Manifesting For the full moon on Thursday, I attended an inspiring Red Tent event. Its theme was ‘Secrets of Manifestation’, a big topic for another post perhaps. We discussed how when we cannot yet have what we want, we find… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 2: ‘A person or thing that inspires other people’

We might feel that we can only be inspired in or by certain environments. Perhaps we want ‘perfect’ conditions to create our art. Yet, inspiration is everywhere. Even in hard times we find inspiration. This is when we make do… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 1: ‘The process of being filled with a feeling or the urge to do something’

Often we think that we know a word, but are we looking at its every facet? A colleague encourages students to consider how it makes them feel and to go with this to work out its meaning. His is a… Continue Reading →

Through Dark Winter

From Summer to Winter Summer energises and its light and heat have always lifted my mood.  In winter, I’ve felt myself falling, like snow.  Yet this year, as I wrote in ‘Loving Autumn and Winter’, I’ve been taking positive steps towards… Continue Reading →

How to enjoy a long bus journey: Dover to Auxerre

The good thing about public transport, as an eco-warrior told me on the delayed train home last night, is that not only is it better for the planet, but you can just chill.  This is exactly what we strive to… Continue Reading →

A short walk and squirrels

My daughter and I went for a shortish walk today.  Down the path through the trees, beside the sloping road to Mailly le bourg du bas (the lower village).  At the bottom there’s a crystal cave…  Or at least quartz… Continue Reading →

A ‘word picture’ of dusk by the river

I’m calling this a ‘word picture’ as I had no camera (I won’t bore you with the reasons why).  So, I was finding alternative ways to record and reflect on our last visit to France. The location here was just… Continue Reading →

Loving Autumn and Winter

It’s now October and an ‘Indian summer’ day. Yet, being aware of the effect that entering into the ‘darker months’ has on my mind, body and spirit, it was in August that I began writing this post about autumn and… Continue Reading →

Another way to relax and connect with the natural world for free… The cemetery

Dropping off the laundry A trip to the launderette never turns out to be boring and this Saturday was no exception. After watching the washing spinning for ten seconds or so (as you do), Fred led me to the nearby… Continue Reading →

No more cakes and misery… Life after teaching in a state secondary

At work yesterday, two of us were scrabbling through the bowl looking for ginger nuts, described by one colleague as “the ultimate dunking biscuits”, or in second place, garibaldi.  Another colleague commented that this is what teaching does to you. … Continue Reading →

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