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Inner Critics

A couple of weeks back I identified an inner critic… For the purposes of this post, her name is L and she has a rainbow assortment of My Little Ponies… Let me explain… In writing… If you’ve recently read my… Continue Reading →

Inspiration 4: ‘The Process of Breathing In’

This last definition of inspiration is interesting. I believe it to be essential and I’m taking it literally and figuratively. I’ll begin with the literal… Inhale and Exhale… For several years, I’ve been aware that focusing on breathing slowly and… Continue Reading →

Getting Organised through Tidying: Clothes to Papers

The struggle “If only Amanda could be more organised, everything would be so much easier for her.” said my form tutor, when I was about twelve. ┬áSometimes I’ve managed it and done it well, yet I must admit my organisation… Continue Reading →

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